Pray It Forward

The Story Behind Pray It Forward

A Unique Way to Pray for Others

Before Sheila embraced the truth, she blamed God for her trials. She continually searched for a solution she believed was hers to fix. Before she came to have a personal relationship with Jesus, Sheila did not know that her parents had been praying for her. God worked through her father when he wrote a personal prayer and handed it to her. She has cherished this heart-felt gift that remains with her to this day.

God does not expect us to write out prayers for Him to answer them.

However, the prayer Sheila’s dad wrote and gifted her touched her deep in her spirit. Her father’s gift from the heart inspired her to write and gift prayers to loved ones. She is currently writing prayers for her children and grandchildren. When her grandchildren graduate, they will receive a Prayer Capsule filled with prayers she’s dedicated to them since learning they were called by God to be born.

Letting God Work Through Her

The Holy Spirit began speaking to Sheila’s heart about His children that are in need of a touch from Him. She allows God to work through her by mentoring women and writing prayers for others. She places the prayer in a Prayer Capsule and includes a gift card before delivering it to someone in need.

Moved by the Spirit of the Lord, it is Sheila’s intention to be a blessing by giving the women at the women’s shelter a prayer in a Prayer Capsule, along with a gift card, and her book, Growing Through the Storm.

Sheila's testimony of her relationship with God

Sheila shares her own testimony of her relationship with God and how she relies on His provision and direction for her life. Her testimony offers hope and encouragement to others that God loves them and has been with them and will be with them through their lives.

Sheila’s not just sharing the lessons she’s learned during her deepest pain and how others can experience redemption through Jesus Christ, she’s being a blessing by praying and giving to others because she’s been blessed. Witnessing the heartfelt gratitude from the recipient of the blessing isn’t the only reward Sheila receives when she gives, she is overcome with warmth in her spirit for serving the Lord.

Has God been good to you?

God blesses us so that we will be a blessing to others. The more we are a blessing to others, the more God wants to bless us. Proverbs 11:25 (NIV) assures, “A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.” To whom in your life can you Pray it Forward?

As Sheila learned, the gift of prayer can have a profound impact on loved ones. Use the Prayer Capsule to provide blessings and prayer to your loved ones. 

This is a unique way to show you care if someone is going through a loss or difficulty or celebrating occasions such a baptism, First Communion, confirmation, graduation, wedding, anniversary, birthday, new career, or retirement.

Be blessed, my friend, and be a blessing to others!

Growing Through the Storm

Sheila Malsam is also the author of the book Growing Through the Storm. The book is a story of triumphs and lessons learned while searching to find solutions to unwanted circumstances during not one, but two troubled marriages. Sheila shares how God revealed Himself to her through the storm and how He used her pain to grow her stronger, wiser, and more confident of His love, which led her to an awakening in her spirit and a personal relationship with our Lord. She wants to help you weather your storm and come out stronger with the help and love of God.

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