Give the gift of prayer.

In the middle of life’s challenges and celebrations, going through a life battling illness, a divorce, or a loss of something or someone can be difficult. You can provide a meaningful and tangible way to express your heartfelt emotions through prayer. Prairie Spirit introduces the Prayer Capsule. This gift transcends an expression of words and embraces the power of prayer. The Prayer Capsule becomes a ray of light through the precious gift of prayer.

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Get to know us and our product!

What is the Prayer Capsule?

The Prayer Capsule is a 7" x 1" inch uniquely designed triangular shaped capsule created to be a cherished keepsake to hold your personalized prayer or encouraging note you’ve written for a family member, a loved one, someone in need, or even for yourself. The plastic capsule comes with a beautifully designed scroll made of parchment paper to write your message on.

The Prayer Capsule not only offers a genuine touch to your message, but also serves as a reminder that your prayer request has been written and is in God’s hands. Simply write your prayer or note on the scroll provided, insert the scroll inside the capsule, and place it where you can be reminded, “God’s got this.” Or give it as a gift to let someone know you care and that you’ve prayed for them.


Be encouraged by Matthew 19:26 (NIV), “With God all things are possible” and write your prayer in confidence that God, Who is all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-loving, will answer your prayer according to His plan! 

Healing & Encouragement

The Prayer Capsule can offer a special touch to a “thinking of you,” “I’m sorry,” or “get well” note you wish to write to a loved one or friend. It can also be used for a prayer for someone facing a crisis such as an illness, a divorce, the loss of a job, or the loss of their home.

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Funeral or Burial Memento

The Prayer Capsule can be used to hold your sincere words of gratitude or words left unspoken to a loved one of yours who’s passed. After your note has been written and tucked inside the Prayer Capsule, it can be placed with your loved one in the coffin or included with the cremation process. The Prayer Capsule can also hold your prayer or words of comfort for those who’ve lost someone dear to them.

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Give as a gift

You can use the Prayer Capsule for a unique touch to hold your prayer or special note for celebrations such as baptisms, birthdays, confirmations, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, or congratulations on a job well done, a new home or new career.

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Treasured Keepsakes

The Prayer Capsule makes a treasured keepsake for a sentimental love-note or prayer written by a parent, grandparent, godparent, family member, or friend. Or perhaps you’ve already received a special note or prayer from a loved one that you want to tuck away for a keepsake as a reminder of their love for you.

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Reminder for You

Show love and care for yourself too! Use the Prayer Capsule for your own needs and concerns when faced with a trial or when you’re feeling down. Just write your note or prayer to God. Tuck it inside the Prayer Capsule and place it where you can be reminded that your prayer request has been written and is in God’s hands.

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These are just a few ways this uniquely designed capsule can be used and treasured for a lifetime.

Who in your life needs encouragement or prayer today?

How does it work?

You may use the Prayer Capsule for your own prayer request or give it to a loved one or anyone in need for limitless occasions and circumstances.

  • Receive Your Prayer Capsule(s)

    Order one, two, or more Prayer Capsules. Have several on hand to use or give for any occasion or circumstance.

  • Write Your Prayer or Message

    Next, using the paper scroll provided in the capsule, write your note or prayer on the scroll. Roll the paper up and insert it back inside the capsule.

  • Give The Prayer

    Lastly, give the Prayer Capsule as a gift to another or keep it for yourself to serve as a reminder that your prayer is in God’s hands.

Meet the Creators behind the Capsule

The inception of the Prayer Capsule came from a prayer two friends, Dennis and Sheila, unknowingly prayed for one another after a door closed and hope seemed lost. Upon asking God for His blessing, Dennis was given vision of a prayer capsule. It was placed upon his heart to invite Sheila to join him in creating the Prayer Capsule to help and inspire all of mankind; a passion the two share.